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Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm EST
and the experience she tried to correct it, she was ignored by cnn and of voice of america, every news outlet and around the world published her picture when she went publicly to fix that the revolutionaries accused her of trying to steal the symbol of their hero, the person doing so much to mobilize the revolution and then the government came in and said i want you to say you are still alive and this never happened and she wouldn't do that. they said we will charge you with treason and kill you said she had to leave. she talked about how she lived all the time. i was happy with that interview. i wasn't happy with it, i really do, there is this low point of having people in them and talking to it, but i felt like he got through in a way that any listener could understand what the experience was, and any time i feel that we take a stranger and make them familiar to the listeners i'm really proud of that interviews. i wish we had more individuals on the show in that discussion of trends and policies. everything that goes through the media has to have stakes so the program doesn't become a borin
Jan 23, 2013 9:00am EST
in his cnn i guess sunday morning presentation of his budget. and wednesday of that week he was going to be before the budget committee. and so i would ask you to listen to these words, colleagues and friends, anybody that's watching, and see what they mean to you. he said, "our budget will get us over, over the next several years, to the point where we can look the american people in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore.we're spending money that we have each year" -- money that we have each year -- "and then we can work on bringing down our national deb debt." that was on cnn. so he appeared before the budget committee and i asked him if that was an accurate statement, did he stand by that. "yes, sir." and he never wavered from that. and, madam president, i would just say, as -- that as part of the budget process, you get a stack of documents this much from mr. lew's office. the office of management and budget submits some supporting documents as part of their process. they're easily ascertainable. their numbers are not in dispute. the lowest single deficit over ten y
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm EST
at national review and columnist for writers opinion in a cnn contributor. after each panel sp, we'll take questions from the audience. but for microphone before you ask your question as it is wise to do with i.q. to be up. finally, please save any protest statements in the form of a question. thanks, we'll turn it to alex. >> thank you, lori. it's a pleasure to be here tonight. this is the earliest i've been out of the office and weeks. what should a supporter of free markets and private enterprise think about immigration? which is good policy be? of course the answer to this question is fairly simple and straightforward. legal immigration, whether through a guestworker program or permanent migration should be a lot easier for most people throughout the world, especially workers. this conclusion is easy and simple to reach, natural for free marketeers. it doesn't really matter what basis to approach, by their natural rate base free marketeers, would you like free market of consequentialism for utilitarian arguments or whether you wish that are ethical intuitionism. the answer is all the s
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
, we have abdicated the broadcasting a renewed. yes, we have private stations, cnn, fox, nbc, all of that. they are out there. they convey information, but we are not doing what we did during the cold war. our broadcasbroadcas ting board of governors broadcasting board of governors is practically defined in terms of its capacity to be able to tell a message around the world. so we are advocating the ideological arena. and we need to get back into it. we have the best values. with the best america's. most people in the world just want to have a good decent life that is supported by cookies and job and raise their families. and we're letting the jihadists narrative fill a void. we need to get in there. we can do it successfully. >> thank you, mr. chairman. madam secretary, first let me thank you for your service, and i wish you the best in your future endeavors, mostly. [laughter] >> i've got a couple of questions, but i do want to take a moment or two to set a couple of words about our late ambassador for stevens. many members and staff on our committee have had the opportunity to
Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
of these folks had ever seen were with sanjay gupta on cnn, and i got asked if i was related to him repeatedly. i still haven't met him, but one day when i do, i'm going to thank him for opening a lot of doors for me in west texas just several weeks after 9/11. i went down, and i had no experience. i mean, i had gone to law school, i had done clinics in law school, but i didn't really know what i was doing, and i just had to rely on some common sense. so i went to the courthouse. i spent a lot of time pulling files trying to understand, okay, which lawyer represented which person as part of the sting, what was the race of this person, what was the sentence of this person? did they go to trial, did they plea? i literally was making a matrix in my head about these cases and trying to understand what it was that i was going to try to do. um, i came back, i bought a suitcase at wal-mart because i had to stuff it with a whole bunch of papers and photocopies that i had made from the courthouse. i also, by the way, spent a lot of time with the families in this town who were somewhat skeptical of a perso
Jan 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
and microsoft tools combined. the tool is embedded in over six and websites like cnn and facebook. so when you went on facebook that day, there was the information to find your polling place. so these tools were so important to new jersey because of all the changes that we were stressing to voters to know before you go. so even if your polling place was someplace on sunday, that didn't mean it was going to be the same place come tuesday. so maybe the grid went down and we had to move it. maybe, we thought it was going to be open but it wasn't. so we really stressed, utilize one of these tools on tuesday before he went to your polling place. there was a comment earlier about the out of state emergency workers comp and that was a very difficult issue for us because they came from all over the country to assist us. they dropped everything can put their lives on hold to help us and communism when they left they were thinking election. like many people they didn't think about the election into the morning. so they were calling us and asking what, if anything we could do. i know some counties gave t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6